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Hi, my name is Ashraf Ali

My background

I was born in Bangladesh and came to the UK when I was 5 years old. I was raised and still live and work in the UK. Ex model (chic modelling agency sheffield).

I was a business man in the Indian restaurant trade for over 20 years as well as a part time radio presenter at 96.7FM LinkFM and now I’m a community activist & part time taxi driver.

Why I decided to set up a charity organisation?

I lost my mum to cancer (gall bladder cancer) and my dad to diabetes.
I took them everywhere for treatment, NHS, private healthcare and even overseas but couldn’t save them.

I wanted to set up a foundation for them and try to help people who are suffering from these killer diseases & as well as the poor people of third world countries. I alone can’t do that but with the help of everyone we can make a big difference.

My causes

My main aim & objective is to make a difference to society by helping the poor & needy people in third world countries. As I am from I third world country (Bangladesh šŸ‡§šŸ‡©) and regularly visit there – I see the help needed by the poor and destitute. I plead & urge you all to support my foundation and let’s unite to make a difference. As human beings we have a duty to help others, especially those that are in a less fortunate situation than ourselves, so lets make a change today and try to make a difference.

My involvement

To provide the following:

  • Clean Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Transportation
  • Sports Facilities
  • Religious Praying Centers
Provide Clean Water
Provide Shelters
Education & Health Services

Recent Causes

  1. Clean Water Campaign
    Donated: £0.00

    Building tubewells to provide clean drinking water in Sylhet, Bangladesh

  2. Helping hands children group
    0 Donators
    Helping Hands Network
    Donated: £20.00

    Raising money for the poor and needy in the third world.

    Help me to raise funds to help with charitable acts in third world countries all over the world. I aim to raise money to provide shelter, clean water, food, clothes, education and whatever other help I can provide to help and improve living standards for those in the third world. All charitable donations are appreciated, whatever the amount.
  3. Helping Rohingya Refugees
    Donated: £0.00

    Raising money for the Rohingya refugees flooding into Bangladesh

    I am raising money for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. I am going to Bangladesh in March 2019 with a few other campaigners to hand deliver food, water, shelter, clothes, basic medicationĀ  and educational materials to the refugees. Please help me to complete causeĀ  -Ā  any donation whetherĀ  large or small is much appreciated
  4. Ramadan Food Parcel Distribution
    Donated: £0.00
    Ramadhan Food Parcel Distribution
Give A Hand To Make

A Better World


A lot of children in third world countries have no access to education or are forced to work from a young age. We will raise funds to help provide textbooks and educational material for children as well as providing classroom facilities.

Clean Water

Clean water should be a human right yet millions of people are forced to drink dirty water from rivers which spread disease and can kill. We will raise funds for tubewells, water filters etc. to ensure a clean water supply.

Help for Homeless

We will help those who have no homes or need help building a house for their family. Natural disasters, war and loss of income can lead to families being made homeless so we will try to help where we can.


We will distribute clothes to the poor and needy by collecting spare, unwanted clothes within the UK. We will also ditribute blankets during the winter months to help the poor in cold conditions.

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